Manteinance of industrial installations

Decades of experience, detailed understanding of installations, continuous assistance and the high level of services on offer, including 24 hour availability, have led Fer.Vi 2002 to develop a maintenance and overhaul service that is increasingly customer-focused.

In addition to maintenance services Fer.Vi 2002 sees itself predominantly as an expert consultant for its clients’ production systems, to continuously improve their productive performance. Fer.Vi 2002 is able to provide highly specialized predictive maintenance, preventive and break-down services, thanks to the field activity of specialized technicians and the support of the Technical Office equipped with a consolidated, Computerised Maintenance Management system.


Specifically, Fer.Vi 2002 services in the area of maintenance are:

  • Encoding and data

Encoding and equipment data insertion through the analysis of the documentation provided by the Principal and through the collection of data in the field

  • Computerised Maintenance Management System

The computerised organization as well as operational management of the machinery hierarchically; cost centre, department, area and establishment; also allows each machine to be categorised, attaching P & ID, photographs and technical information contained in Word, Excel and PDF files.

  • Traceability and cataloguing system

Insertion of specific working plans for each apparatus with the creation of a traceability and cataloguing system for the maintenance personnel data, and data for spare parts intended for the operation itself; the sequence of operations that the maintenance personnel must undertake, complete with quotas and restrictions should they have to be implemented


  • Work orders

Generation of work orders that are printed and delivered to the maintenance staff. Every work order is uniquely identified progressively. Registration of work orders (ordinary maintenance) and extraordinary measures

  • Checks and inspections

Final check that activities planned for maintenance staff are undertaken, with economic analysis of maintenance costs and remote access availability to recorded data through the TCP/IP protocol


Advantages and results of Fer.Vi maintenance service:


  • Maintenance management based on the actual operating time of the machines.
  • Full and proper visibility of maintenance costs
  • Reduction of dysfunctions related to bad or inadequate transfer of information by the intensive use of machine codes
  • Reduction in the likelihood of break-downs
  • Optimizing the use of human resources with considerable decrease in after-hours call-outs
  • Reduced time for resetting machinery after unforeseen breakdowns
  • Consultation regarding any changes that will improve the efficiency and performance of the installations
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