Quality, Environment and Safety Certifications

Fer.Vi 2002, in response to increasingly demanding guarantee requirements on product quality and services provided, together with compliance to safety regulations and for the improvement of environmental performance, has decided to self-certify according to ISO9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 with an integrated ENVIRONMENTAL AND SAFETY QUALITY system, issued by the accredited Body, ANCIS.

The stages of the Fer.Vi 2002 certification process:

  • 2006: attainment of ISO 9001 QUALITY certification
  • 2008: attainment of ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL certification
  • 2010: OHSAS 18001 SAFETY certification


For each activity, Fer.Vi 2002 is able to ensure:

  • Full traceability of materials used, complete with EN 1024 3.1 certificates for the same
  • The provision of PED conformity declarations and compliant workmanlike constructions
  • Compliance with welding procedures according to the UNI EN and relevant updates in force
  • Quality welding performed by qualified welders with certificates issued by the CEOC, both according to UNI EN 287 and ASME regulations and, for polyethylene, in accordance with regulation UNI 9737
  • The presence of staff trained in the employment of safety regulations and the correct use of the necessary personal protective equipment PPE. Through continuous, updating courses, Fer.Vi is also able to establish, with prior supply of DUVRI or PSC, the correct DPI, considering the specific and implicit risks of the task to be undertaken arising from the relevant operative environment

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